Nocturnal Beasts:

Ah! Again we fall, my love
from grace and watchful eyes.
for now no light exposes us,
and on my my bed we lie.

Let go, my dear, of your mask,
put the free hand on my cheek.
Feel my warmth against you,
Come. Take advantage of the dark.

I can feel your heartbeat.
Your breath like a roaring flame,
against my body I press you nearer.
Let your heart now go untamed.

Forget the world outside our door,
let go of all your chains,
that keep your beast of passion trapped,
and battle me in our sordid game.

Now the cage doth crack.
And springs forth the beast,
with your new found claws shining,
and make my bare back their sheath.

Like a Wolf I bite your throat,
and trace it with my tongue.
With panting breath I’ll howl your name,
to the moon till dawn does come.

How perfect this pain is.
How alive in this release.
How all the marks and bruises,
do quell my nocturnal beast.

Alas, come morn soon, my love,
and our beasts will we hide.
My passions are all sleeping,
but soon they’ll howl come night.


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