On the death of a child, a poem:

Oh cry to heaven
That was deaf to all my cries.
Receive my penance
for all the world’s sin.
My child.

For that pure Soul-
That thou claimest so soon.
Will draw from pits to purgatory
the souls of those damned to heaven.
Merciless heaven.

I hope that he serves you well
as I’m sure he would’ve me.
Though he could not walk, nor stand.
Yet all for eternity is he yours.
And for so short, twas mine.

I buried it shallow.
Too weak to climb out an adult’s grave
Better a shallow grave
for one so young.

The white shroud – stained
By tears and painful odes spat.
To see his limp body rising to you.
That was not yours to take yet.

No time to learn him
Learn from him
To love and laugh and be with.


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