The Girl in yellow on the red line subway- a poem:

Hair like rose a petal sea,
cheeks like a morning glow,
a spirit filled with love for all
and mind as pure as fresh snow.

You graced me with your youth
in a dingy underground train.
And rattling along, too fast to talk
to laugh and appreciate.

You with your charm and character
and youthful, springing heart.
When you spoke in French to ‘Papa
and blew me a kiss when we were to part.

How this tin shell blocks us now.
As the doors sever, confined in this place
of concrete and noise. And there’s you.

Behind the doors, your hair blowing slow
in this fury. Your pale face, glowing
in the false, electric light.

I will miss you, my darling Cherub.
I will never forget the light of youth
you brought me. Us.


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